Garage Door Spring Repair / Cable Replacement “Best Prices in Town Guaranteed”

Your home’s garage door is a more delicate device than it seems. Despite the fact that it is large and heavy, it uses a number of temperamental components that need to operate in a very specific way to provide the results you expect. Torsion springs are one such part. Therefore, if they wear out or break down you will need to call us for professional garage door spring repair Malibu, CA.

Your door’s torsion springs keep the frame of the door balance as it slides open and shut. With every cycle of the door, these springs take on hundreds of pounds of force. They keep the door balanced against its own weight. As a result, they can deform over time, eventually creating problems or failing altogether.

When your door’s torsion springs fail, the door no longer opens at all. You will need to contact us for emergency garage door spring repair in Malibu, CA. If your door has safety cables installation and in good condition, they may keep the frame suspended. However, leaving your home’s overhead door open overnight is also not recommended.

Thankfully, we offer 24/7 emergency garage door spring repair. Our highly trained technicians are available for the repair and replacement of torsion springs at a moment’s notice. Whether your springs fail you in the middle of the day or the early hours of the morning, you can rely on us arriving within the hour and fixing the problem.

Symptoms of Spring Damage.

If you wish to keep your door in excellent condition without risking spring failure, you will need to be on the lookout for damaged springs. If you notice that your door is opening and closing in a crooked manner, you should have us visit your home for garage door spring repair Malibu, CA immediately. This is a telltale sign of imminent spring failure.

Another indicator to look out for is a door that jerks open and shut. Properly adjusted torsion springs of high quality let the door slide open and shut in a smooth manner. If your door doesn’t do this, you may need to have us replace your springs with our extra durable high-performance steel torsion springs.

Call us! Enjoy a free evaluation of your home’s overhead door to learn more about our local garage door services. We are prepared to inspect your home and offer you complete services for garage door repair Malibu.